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French Market Dining Chairs  SOLD

French Market Dining Chairs SOLD

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Everybody’s grandma had these chairs; I believe they are something of the Duncan Phyfe family.  I think these were a later reproduction, but still in keeping with the smaller framed furniture of the time.  I was given these, and had a hard time figuring out how to squeeze out the charm…but I did. 

These adorable upcycled seats now have soft “French worded” print fabrics with silver and gold tones, and soft mellow yellow velvet seats.  I hand painted the chairs black and hand detailed the carved roses in two tones, the roses are silvery white liming wax and then accented with gold gilding wax.  The nail head details on the front and back seats are also in silver and gold, in 2 sizes.  Since I upholstered both sides of the previous open backs, I decided to add pull handles to the back top rails.  They are an aged gold that look like twisted rope.  

I can see these in a Bistro setting eating area.  Their petite size gives way to seat six in a limited space.  There is only one Head chair with arms, the other 5 are armless.  I will not break up the set.

Size 17” wide x 17” Deep x 32” High

$1500 set of 6    Sold as a set

Only one set Available, 5 Side Chairs and 1 Arm chair